About Honey Face by Amy

Honey Face by Amy was founded in 2010 after an inspirational tour to a local honey farm near Columbus, OH. I was astonished at honey bees and their usefulness as pollinators, as well as the multitude of other benefits their honey offers us.  Raw Honey (unprocessed, unheated)  provides litany of medical benefits when ingested but raw honey also offers many topical benefits as well. After tinkering with a few recipes I discovered a unique blend of raw honey and an olive-oil based soap that completely transformed my skin!  Within a few weeks of using the original Honey Face by Amy Cleanser and hearing reactions from friends and family I decided  to share this wonderful product with everyone!  Not only is it easy to use, but you can see and feel the benefits almost immediately! 


After operating from home for almost 8 years we've now expanded our line of natural products to include a honey body soap, brown sugar scrub,  herbal-infused toner and herbal salve - each is handmade with the same diligence as the first batch and guaranteed to deliver the great results time and time again. This journey has been a true labor of love and I am so proud of the quality products that we have to offer today! 


Honey Face is comprised my wonderful and handsome husband, John, and our newest little member of the Honey Face Team: Miriam Kathleen! We'll be putting her to work before you know it ;) 


We love to spend time with family and friend, go to food, bee (honey) and music festivals, just be outdoors in general and play with our kitties Dude and Keeton! 

​​Our Philosophy

​​The product speaks for itself. Each batch is made with quality ingredients and raw honey from a local Ohio honey farm. We promise each order is held to the highest standard of quality! We want you to love it as much as we do.

​Honey Face by Amy is also something that other honey-based products are not: affordable! We were tired of seeing products which claim to be organic and natural that were outrageously priced with fillers and low-quality product.  Honey Face by Amy is for everyday use so we take great precaution in making sure we have better pricing than any other product of its kind without sacrificing quality. 

Copyright 2010 - 2018 Honey Face by Amy. All rights reserved.

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